The 45-Piece See-Saw Expansion is already fun when designing, as its use must be carefully considered and it’s perfect for large marble runs. The marble rolls up the See-Saw until the weight of the marble shifts the center of gravity of the See-Saw and the marble rolls down the See-Saw with a lot of momentum.

Our modular and compatible marble runs are designed to stay put, so your kids can focus on the fun. They promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity. Whether with an instruction booklet or with free play, constructing a marble run stimulates working memory, and improves the capacity for analytical thought. And best of all, we’re building on an existing system to extend its life in the childrens room.

All 45 parts and components of the See-Saw Expansion are compatible with common components from other manufacturers and can therefore be creatively combined with your existing building blocks and theme worlds. Like all products from Hubelino, the See-Saw Expansion is manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.



The 45-Piece See-Saw Expansion is 100% compatible with popular building blocks from leading manufacturers and is exclusively made in Germany.


45 pieces (19 run elements, 20 building blocks, 2 baseplates, 2 marbles and 2 see-saws)

Recommended age

4 years and up

Hubelino See-Saw Expansion

SKU: 420503