Under cover of darkness the hyena slinks toward the ostrich nest. But the hyena doesn't go undetected. The ranger is there quickly to protect the little ostrich chick!  He manages to use a large burning torch and a net to stop the hyena at the last second and rescue the ostrich chick. The freshly hatched chick and the ostrich are kept safe! The Hyena attack set from Schleich Wild Life is perfect to start playing immediately!  The ostrich chick fits perfectly in the egg and can hatch out of it!



1x hyena, 1x ostrich, 1x ostrich baby, 1x ranger, 1x ostrich egg, 1x torch, 1x net, 1x plant


 Dimensions 7.48X2.677X5.906 Inch (W X D X H)

Schleich Hyena Attack

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