We are very happy about the first GRIMM'S book, which was created in collaboration with the German illustrator Sarah
Settgast. The 26-page CARDBOARD BOOK tells stories about the weather and everything to do with it with 24 loving illustrations. The 24 selected terms were built from our GRIMM'S wooden letters (Item No. 60000 - 60250) and frame each illustration in German and English.
Sarah Settgast also painted almost 100 of our wooden items using the watercolor technique and then incorporated some of them into her illustrations using the collage technique. There is a lot to discover, because anyone who loves GRIMM's toys will enjoy looking for the many small hidden wooden parts that are made in our workshops.
Even the little ones will enjoy watching and telling stories together. The capital letters are wonderfully suitable for beginners and also for learning foreign languages ​​for the first time in elementary school or at home. And of course the cardboard book is an ornament for every season table. An experience for the whole family and for all the senses!
Sarah Settgast is a glasses designer, freelance illustrator, author and publisher. Born in the small town of Kyritz an der Knatter in Brandenburg, she now lives in Berlin with her two 7 and 8 year old children. Her style is shaped by the Waldorf tradition. So far, 3 children's books in German have been published by the Deutsche Pappebuch Gesellschaft. The bilingual weather book is produced in the last cardboard book factory in Germany at Sachsdruck Plauen on FCI-certified 400g paper with ecological toy colors and produced in accordance with the EU toy standard EN-71. It is bite-proof and saliva-proof with rounded corners.

Grimms The Weather Cardboard Book

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