This classic toy accompanies your child for a long time, because there are always new ways to play: Even the very youngest love to take the 7 friends out of their wooden bowls, turn the bowls over, stack them on top of each other and put the men back in the wooden bowls ... again and again, because that is exactly where the magic of play lies: rediscovering skills and abilities and doing things over and over until they become solid. At some point the friends can be assigned to the matching bowls, the bowls are used in shops or serve as small tea cups ...

The 7 friends with all their different colors and different types of wood reflect the wonderful diversity of our world and at the same time celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Because each of our hand-painted wooden figurines has a different expression and an individual grain. These cheerful little wooden men made of different and typically local woods from Central Europe are gender-neutral and can be just as sad as they are happy because they do not have a fixed facial expression. With their very reduced appearance, they inspire the children's imagination instead of restricting it with too many details.

In addition to assigning and sorting, the 7 friends in wooden bowls can also be used as a weekly calendar: Each male is assigned a day of the week and a male is placed on his wooden bowl for each previous day until a week has passed and all 7 friends jump back into their wooden bowl so that a new week can begin.

The 7 Friends are a wonderful addition to our 6-part rainbow, which we recommend for children from 1 year of age due to the manageable number of parts and colors, as an introduction to the fantastic world of rainbows and free play.
Tip: The rainbow friends also fit perfectly in our omnibus, which offers a ride for 3 rainbow friends.

Grimms Seven friends In Wooden Bowls

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