The four temperaments in us
We have translated the four temperaments into a language of shapes and colors. The result is a colorful construction kit with 61 components in free form. The individual building blocks are reminiscent of animals and a wide variety of other beings and the combination of different construction elements always creates something new that stimulates and inspires the imagination. The prevailing temperament determines the particular basic mood in which one is mostly. It illustrates the way to feel and experience, think and act or react.
The melancholic temperament has a compassionate, rather sad nature. It is BLUE, turning inwards, with edges, curves and persistence - like its element earth.
The choleric temperament has active and rather angry traits. It's RED, jagged and sometimes sharp-edged. Its impulsiveness belongs to the element fire.
There is something constant and cozy about the phlegmatic temperament. It's GREEN and dormant like a pond. Its curves and soft shapes correspond to its element of water.
The sanguine temperament exudes happiness and optimism. It is YELLOW and that which radiates from within, which is lost in the periphery or into the sky. The airy is his element.
A sense of their essence can be developed through playful handling of the characteristic properties of the temperaments. And every person is a unique mixture of all four temperaments.

Grimms Four Temperments

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