Anna belongs to the family of the GOTZ manufacture dolls, that are numbered under highest quality standards and are made in limited production quantities. The faces were sketched by a notable doll designer. As a quality mark, each GOTZ manufacture doll comes with a certificate and the GOTZ seal ribbon is also accommodated.


Gotz jointed dolls leave no wishes in creativity when playing with them! Through the additional joints in knees, arm bends and hip, they can take most manifold positions. So yoga, riding, climbing and many further creative game scenes are only a few examples of all the possibilities.

All Gotz dolls come with high-value hair with a natural appearance. The hair is sewn into the dolls head and children easily can wash, beautify and comb it.

Gotz Dolls Happy Kidz, Anna, Forest Promenade

SKU: 1566028
  • Multi-jointed standing doll with blonde hair and blue eyes