Product Details 


  • Excellent way to encourage good behaviour
  • Extra-large star chart for 1- 2 children with colour-coded stars.
  • Can be used for any activities you want
  • Includes 20 activity suggestions and spaces to write your own
  • Easy-to-use wipe clean magnetic chart


Product Description 


This wonderfully colourful Extra-large star chart for 2 children will encourage them to do the tasks set for them. It is so simple to use, parents and children set the tasks. There are 20 magnetic pieces to choose from or you could use the dry wipe marker to write your own ranging from going to bed on time, doing homework, tidying up toys or brushing teeth. And of course, you will need to choose the reward for reaching the target! The board itself is also magnetic, so easily attaches to metal surfaces, such as traditional fridges, or can be pinned to a wall. For each child you choose a colour and write in the target for how many stars must be achieved in a week. You can place the Target marker to show each child how far up the points ladder they need to climb to receive their reward. Every time your child successfully completes a task, they receive a star and will love to move their Monkey marker up the ladder to their goal. The Extra-large Star Chart is bright and engaging, and above all, fully interactive. It can be hung on the wall so it is visible to everyone. Includes dry wipe pen.

Fiesta Crafts Star Chart (extra large)

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