Amy the aviator and her BFF Patch the pilot pooch jet off on a host of

flying adventures as you build planes and helicopters with this super-

creative 28-piece Magformers set. It comprises 6 magnetic triangles, 6

squares, 2 squares with circle inners, 1 super rectangle (3 squares

long), 2 arches, 4 quadrants, a propeller, accessories and characters.

And this amazing set is super fun, encourages roleplay and boosts

motor skills and STEM learning. Magformers geometric pieces contains

small, strong neodymium magnets safely sealed in every edge. But

because the magnets freely rotate, they always connect and never repel

when two pieces are brought together. Makes 2D flat ‘nets’ and 3D


· Contains 28 Magformers shapes and accessories and pilot and

dog character figurines.

· Compatible with all other Magformers sets.

· Magformers pieces contain rotating magnets sealed in every edge,

so they always connect.

Magformers Aviation Adventure Set

SKU: 703015