The First Tools Wheelbarrow is easy to use and perfect for jobs like moving soil or compost around.
The pneumatic wheel and the comfortable contoured handles make it very easy to manoeuvre for small hands. It is lightweight and easy to use, ideal for children aged 4 – 8 years. The First Tools wheelbarrow is 43 cm high and the bucket has a width of 41 cm.
A great tool for carrying out a number of gardening tasks. Will provide young gardeners with an enjoyable hands-on learning experience. This large child sized wheel barrow that is actually big enough to carry things and be suitable for older children that struggle with a adult barrow but are too tall for a children's one. Its metal frame and plastic body makes it light, strong and sturdy and a pneumatic wheel makes pushing easy.


The First Tools range encourages students to get outside and learn about nature by digging, planting and nurturing their own garden and watching their plants grow and grow.
Improves fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and provides an ideal setting for hands on learning.



Tools for Juniors - Wheelbarrow

SKU: FT0012