• A great first stacking toy, this friendly faced character isn't your traditional stacking toy!
  • Each of the brightly coloured wooden pieces features a clever magnet inside so that they sit firmly on top of one another, removing the frustration of slotting them onto a pole.
  • Little ones must stack each of the pieces in the right order on top of the wooden base, before placing the smiling head topper to finish it off!
  • Once the character is complete, little ones can give it a push and it will wobble gently, delighting inquisitive young minds.
  • The stacking rings come in a range of bold, primary colours.
  • A great way to encourage colour recognition and spatial awareness.
  • Develops hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity.
  • Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.
  • Conforms to current European safety standards.

Tidlo Magnetic Wobbly Stacker

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  • Length: 10.5cm Width: 10.5cm Height: 16cm
  • 12 Months +