The Red Roof Tower Home Gift Set comes with Persian Cat Girl figure, a moving lift, a table and chairs for instant play!Red Roof Tower Home lets you turn the weather vane to move the lift up and down. The doors will automatically open and close when it reaches each floor.

The gift set comes with Persian Cat Girl, a table and chairs.

Includes: Main Unit, Three Floors, Fence x2, Weather Vane, Weather Vane Post, Pointed Roof, Persian Cat Girl, Table, Chair x2 (a total of 11 pieces).

Connects with Red Roof Cosy Cottage, Red Roof Country Home or Sweet Raspberry Home (sold separetely) to create a huge house. Or use with other figures and furniture for even more fun (sold separately) as shown below. 

Sylvanian Families The Red Roof Tower Home

SKU: 5400