The winged baby lions diligently train their flying skills!  During training for winged baby lions two cute little lion cubs with their little wings are already trying out their flying skills playfully on platforms and a seesaw. Their cheerful mewing while playing is so delightful that they enchant the whole fairy kingdom with their play. The training for winged baby lions is a great event in bayala. Because the two baby lions want to fly majestically through the air soon. But since they still have small wings they playfully train their flying skills on the ground. They have an arch with two podiums and a ring through which they can run jump or fly. But that's not all: with one paw the baby lions can turn everything around and turn it into a seesaw on which they can swing merrily and romp wildly. While they practice their tricks many funny things happen and sometimes a baby lion falls out of the busket. All bayala hears its happy meowing and is delighted by the cute winged kittens.  The baby lions like to play hide and seek under the podiums with their wingtips sticking out.


  • The seesaw provides additional fun! 
  • Arch can be used as a seesaw! 
  • Podium can be used as a basket!
  • With stickers for decorating!";"With ring to fly through!
  • Bayala has cute offspring!



1x seesaw, 1x ring, 2x podium, 1x decoration for ring, 2x baby lion, 1x pin clip, 1x teddy bear


 Dimensions 7.48X2.165X4.528 Inch (W X D X H)

Schleich Winged Baby Lion Training

SKU: 42524

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