A unique new breed! The Pura Raza Espaola family is enriching the Horse Club range!  The Pura Raza Espaola Stallion from Schleich Horse Club has a spirited pose that shows the fiery temperament typical of many Andalusians.  The Pura Raza Espaola Stallion from Schleich Horse Club is a proud black horse with an elegant arching neck a noble head shape a long flowing mane and a luxuriant tail. Horses of this breed are often mistaken for Andalusians and vice versa. This comes as no surprise because they are a separate breeding line within the Andalusians. The stud books are kept according to fixed rules to differentiate them from other horses.  Pura Raza Espaola are perfect for demanding high-class horsemanship.


 Dimensions 5.669X1.654X4.528 Inch (W X D X H)

Schleich Pura Raza Espaola Stallion

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