The mandala unicorn family enriches the magical world of bayala!  With magical mandala tattoo!  The proud mandala unicorn stallion enchants the whole of bayala- with his breathtaking blaze of color. He is part of the new mandala unicorn family which can be recognized by their unique mandala tattoos. Their home are the mandala hills of bayala which are as colorful as the unicorns themselves.  The mandala unicorn stallion enchants every inhabitant of bayala who sees him with his breathtaking blaze of color and his proud attitude. His beautiful mandala shows a mysterious triangle which is a sign of his magical power. The blue tattoo in the middle shines as intensely as the color of the sky. The stallion is a respectful creature and at the same time a gentle and very loving father who loves to play with his mandala unicorn foal. The new colorful mandala unicorn family can be recognized by their unique mandala tattoos. They live together and secluded in the vastness of the colorful mandala hills of bayala.The stallion is barely visible against a blue sky. His foal then runs against him from time to time.


 Dimensions 6.10X3.23X7.088 Inch (W X D X H)

Schleich Mandala Unicorn Stallion

SKU: 70715

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