The farmer has lots to do: his hungry animals are already calling for food. He fills the feed box grabs the pitchfork and uses it to fill up the handy wheelbarrow.  The farmer knows precisely which food his animals like best. He gives the hay to the cows. After spreading it evenly in the rack he gets another few bags of pellets and empties them into the trough. Now it's the pigs turn. They also eat hay and grain but they need fresh vegetables too to keep them happy and healthy. The farmer puts lettuce potatoes and beets into the big feed box that he brings over to them. After his work is done he contentedly watches the animals eating. In a wheelbarrow the weight needs to be positioned over the front wheel otherwise it's hard to move it.



1 x yellow fodder bag, 1 x green fodder bag, 1 x feeding box, 1 x salad, 1 x fodder beet, 1 x potato, 1 x milk jug, 1 x blue bucket, 1 x wheelbarrow, 1 x pitchfork, 2 x hay that can be picked up


Dimensions 7.48X2.677X4.528 Inch (W X D X H)

Schleich Feeding The Farm Animals

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