A unique new breed! The American Saddlebred family is enriching the Horse Club range!  The brown American Saddlebred gelding by Schleich Horse Club fascinates horse fans with its upright proud pose.  American Saddlebreds are well-known for keeping their heads and their beautifully curved tail high - like the American Saddlebred gelding by Schleich Horse Club. The horse breed has a balanced even-tempered nature and is extremely willing to perform. Some American Saddlebreds master two additional gaits the slow gait and the so-called rack gait.  These horses used to be called Kentucky Saddler because their breeding began in the state of Kentucky.


 Dimensions 5.906X1.26X4.685 Inch (W X D X H)

Schleich American Saddlebred Gelding

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