Schleich - wild life - big adventure at the watercolour timbavati game reserve in South Africa is home to numerous animal species. Wild animals such as giraffes, zebras and elephants, as well as rhinos, lions, and leopards have found a habitat here. The timbavati is a South African river and at the same time is the name of a beautiful wildlife reserve in the KRUGER National park. The “big five” can be Marvel at here. This term refers to five specific mammals: the African elephant, the black RHINO, the African Buffalo, the lion, and the leopard. In the past they were big-game hunters coveted trophies, but today they are protected by the gamekeeper. In the timbavati game reserve you can sometimes even discover rare white lions. Fun fact: the timbavati game reserve is located in KRUGER National park, the largest game reserve in South Africa. Functions: fold out the tree to create a bridge numerous places to insert plants. Burrow. Discoverable area.


Content: 1 x watering hole1 x stream1 x waterfall1 x waterfall1 x drinking Zebra1 x chimpanzee young1 x white lion CUB1 x white lion CUB1 x black Mamba1 x Scorpion1 x Centipede1 x Flamingo1 x burrow1 x stone hiding place1 x tree trunk for opening UP1 x ROCK18 x reeds6 x Fern3 x agave with flower

SCHLEICH 42321-Wild Life Big Adventure at The Waterhole

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