The Beach Hotel Bungalow is ideal for summer fun with the family! The fun-packed playset features a fillable pool, and a slide from the balcony into the pool. For some mid-afternoon relaxation, there is a hammock available, and some balcony seating to enjoy pleasant views. The interior of the bungalow is furnished with bunk beds, a shower, sink, and a toilet, and many accessories are included to make it feel like home!




  • Features a fillable pool
  • With slide from balcony into the pool
  • Includes a hammock
  • Use they key card to access your room
  • Furnished interior
  • With 4 figures

Playmobil 70435 Family Fun Beach Hotel Bungalow with Pool

SKU: 70435
  • Not suitable for children Under 3
  • 4+