Off to the PLAYMO-Beach Hotel for a perfect holiday! The large and spacious hotel features a manned check-in desk where you can collect your room key. When you are shown to your room, use the key card to access the door. The hotel offers plenty of entertainment for all ages, including a paddling pool and a rooftop bar! There are three furnished floors across the hotel, including deck chairs, tables and chairs, and an en-suite room. The fun-packed playset is complete with many accessories and six figures.




  • Features 3 furnished floors
  • Collect your key card at reception
  • Use the kay card to access your room
  • With fillable paddling pool and rooftop bar
  • Complete with 6 figures and many accessories
  • For ages 4+

Playmobil 70434 Family Fun PLAYMO Beach Hotel

SKU: 70434
  • Not suitable for children Under 3
  • 4+