The perfect celebration awaits with the Playmobil 70212 Dollhouse Children's Birthday Party playset. The playset featuring a a swings which can seat up to 2 Playmobil figures. There is a clown to entertain the children with different balloons, which the figures can hold. Cakes and drinks are available to enjoy at the party. The playset is complete with accessories and 4 Playmobil figures.




  • Features a swing which can seat up to 2 Playmobil figures
  • Includes a clown With 4 ballons which figures can hold
  • Includes cakes and drinks
  • Complete with 4 Playmobil figures
  • For ages 4+

Playmobil 70212 Dollhouse Children's Garden Birthday Party

SKU: 70212
  • Not suitable for children Under 161
  • 4+