Spice up your doll collection with the Our Generation 18-inch doll – Ella Grace! She’s super excited to start her new adventure and can’t wait to hear your funny stories along the way!


Because there has never been a generation like us, we’re doing important things like collecting signatures for charities, spreading love to people around us, and caring for the world and all of the cool creatures that live in it. We are having the time of our lives and enjoying every minute of it. This is our time. This is our story.


Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!


Far and wide with friends by our side! Ella Grace has warm brown eyes and long, wavy red hair that’s fun to comb and style! You can even get creative with her hairstyle and give her a brand-new look!


Her adorable outfit features a lilac, lace and tulle skirt, black tights, a white top, and a gray shrug to keep her warm when visiting new places.


Ella Grace is full of energy and has a flair for adventure. Use your imagination to travel to beautiful locations or take her along on a real outing. You can even make up a game to play on the way!



1 non-posable 18-inch doll

1 top

1 shrug

1 skirt

1 pair of tights

1 pair of undies

1 pair of shoes

Our Generation Ella Grace

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