The Little'UN is a folding indoor climbing frame inspired by Emmi Pikler. It is perfect to team up with a folding hump or Wee'UN to make a table or bridge.  Easily folded for storage, self supporting design with hand knobs to lock open. Closed it can be stored anywhere, including our favourite, hung on the wall.


Made with the thickest rungs of any other Pikler inspired triangle \ climbing frame like it, makes it super strong and easy on little one’s feet, we all know the pain of standing on a narrow rung of a ladder or ledge for any length of time. It also gives children a good solid item to grip onto.With loads of accessories and products from our range the play is truly open ended

• Handmade at home by a husband and wife team in rural Northern Ireland
• Easy foldable for storage
• Can be used outside, just not left there
• Can be used from birth to 100kg .

• Tested to exceed the European and British standards EN71-1 EN71-2 EN71-3 EN71-8
• Made from FSC engineered birch plywood and engineered FSC redwood dowels.
• Open 76cm x 54cm x 52cm high
• Closed 15cm x 54cm x 65cm  high

Little'UN - Sawdust and Rainbows

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