Product Description:


This fun magnetic maze is a fun way to travel through the jungle and learn about our wild animal friends. You can tilt the board or use the wand to guide the magnetic balls through the maze of pathways, corners and revolving doors! See how quickly you can find your way through the jungle maze and how many animals you can spot as you go! Just make sure you steer your balls clear of the dangerous animals!




  • Magnetic ball maze with attached wand
  • Discover and identify all 7 jungle animals
  • Tilt the board to guide the balls through the maze or use the included magnetic wand!
  • Balls are launched with a spring like pinballs
  • Design features many jungle animals to identify
  • Maze features revolving doors, see-saws and tricky corners
  • Great for developing colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills
  • Perfect for interesting children in wildlife and nature
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • For 24m +

Hape Jungle Maze

SKU: E1714
  • 24M+
  • L37 W24.5 H2.1 cm