Product Description:


Sliding is fun! Make the wooden ball race around the tree to the jungle floor. Then press the lever to start all over again! Press the lever to launch the ball onto the slide so it rings the bell. Then press to go again and again!


Features :

  •  Jungle-themed ball press and slide game
  •  The bottom lever launches the ball onto the track
  •  A bell rings as the ball passes the top of the slide 
  • Once the ball has arrived at the bottom, use the lever to restart
  •  Attractive, colorful jungle design with a monkey and a giraffe
  •  Helps children to develop hand-eye coordination
  •  For ages  24M+

Hape Jungle Press and Slide

SKU: E0508
  • 24M+

  • L17.6 W17.6 H19.5 cm