With the beautiful hand-painted figures made of solid linden wood, you can play, tell, calculate, build and discover a lot. For example, learning to count: Four fish and 9 ducks swim in the lake - how many animals swim in the lake?
Also wonderful to use for language training in kindergarten. The numbers building set (60310/60340), the figures for counting and telling (03070), the colorful pearl staircase (10234), the step counters (42100), the numbers game (11061) and the 5 friends for arithmetic (10582) are colored and perfectly coordinated in terms of content and complement each other wonderfully. The abstract world of numbers is made clear and understandable for the children in a playful way in a variety of ways.
55 hand-painted figures: 1 swan, 2 trees, 3 caterpillars, 4 fish, 5 pigs, 6 hedgehogs, 7 ladybugs, 8 rabbits, 9 ducks and 10 cars. With game ideas.
Wood: lime wood varnished and painted, frame oiled.
Dimensions: height approx. 3-8 cm, wood thickness 1 cm.

GRIMMS Figures for counting and telling

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  • 3+