The four sailors look forward to the many adventures on water and on land that they will experience together with your child, because there is a lot to discover: Our beach sailor not only accompanies your child on his first steps through the apartment, but is also absolutely Off-road and suitable for jaunts in the countryside. Above all, the sand yacht is also buoyant and therefore also suitable for a bathtub.

The 4 rainbow friends with their different colors and types of wood reflect the wonderful diversity of our world and at the same time celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Because each of these hand-painted wooden figurines has a different expression and an individual grain. The little wooden sailors are made from different and typically local woods from Central Europe, are gender-neutral, can be just as sad as they are happy because they don't have a fixed facial expression. With their very reduced appearance, they inspire the children's imagination instead of restricting it with too many details. 

(Please carefully tap the sail into the press fit with a small hammer. Over time, this will expand and the sail can also be removed again.)

Grimms Little Land Yachts

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