Today is bathing day. Little Sleepy Aquini doesn't want to take off her favourite overall as she loves it very much. Stripes allover and the wide sailor collar with flower print are just very cool. But once in the bath tub she loves to splash around and play with her little sponge. When it's time to get out snuggle your baby doll into her terry towel with hood and feed her. For this, squeeze the bottle a couple of times while holding it under the water to fill it. When she's getting a new nappy she is very tired and closes her eyes sucking on her dummy.

Our Sleepy Aquinis are baby dolls which can drink and use the potty.

Set includes:

  • Bathing baby Aquini
  • summer outfit
  • nappy
  • bath tub
  • bottle
  • bath towel
  • bathing sponge
  • dummy

Gotz Dolls Sleepy Aquini Girl Stripe Vibes

SKU: 2153143
  • Bathing baby without hair and with blue sleeping eyes

    hard body

    sleeping eyes

    anatomically correct

    100% waterproof