Little Aquini wants to go bathing in the pool today. She still wears her chic 2-piece outfit in blue with many ruffles. Just slip into your bathing suit, put on your goggles and - safety first - put on the swim ring as well to start the bathing fun. When Sleepy Aquini gets tired she snuggles into her cosy cape, sucks on her dummy and goes to sleep.

Our Sleepy Aquinis are baby dolls which can drink and use the potty.

Set includes:

  • bathing baby Aquini
  • summer outfit (shirt and shorts)
  • bathing cape
  • bathing suit
  • swim ring
  • goggles
  • pool
  • dummy

Gotz Dolls Sleepy Aquini Girl Cherry Kiss

SKU: 2053141
  • hard body
    sleeping eyes

    anantomically correct

    100% waterproof