Maxy Aquini is the perfect bathing doll. Dressed in a cute 2-piece outfit little Aquini plays with her water toy. Just press the little bee while holding it under water, let loose and it gets filled with water when repeating this. Now everyone around can be sprayd with water.

After the water fun dry your little doll off and put back on her outfit with rose print and comfy glitter sandals. What a great day!

Set includes:

  • Maxy Aquini (ca. 700 g)
  • 2 pcs. summer suit
  • glitter sandals
  • head band
  • towel
  • water toy "little bee"
  • dummy

vinyl hard body

Gotz Dolls Maxy Aquini Roses Garden

SKU: 1918243
  • washable
    vinyl hard body