oday Clara wears her beautiful and long her open and put in a little glitter hair slide. Her nice dress just looks very trendy combined with these great glitter tights and the cool boots. Clara is all set to go to the ice cream corner. Our jointed standing dolls leave nothing to be desired in terms of creative play. They have 9 joints in their shoulders, hips, knees and neck and due to this these dolls can take various positions and are very flexible. So they easily do yoga, horseback riding, climbing or play in any creative scenarios. The doll body is completely movable and poseable. We only use, natural-looking hair for our dolls. The hair is sewn into the doll's head and is very durable. Children can easily wash, style and comb it. Clara is part of the GOTZ handcrafted doll family which are all numbered and produced as limited editions under the highest standards. Their faces were designed by notable doll designers. As a mark of, every GOTZ handcrafted doll comes with a certificate and the GOTZ seal.

Gotz Dolls Happy Kidz. Clara

SKU: 1666037
  • Multi-Jointed Standing-Doll With Red Hair And Blue Eyes