Cosy Aquini is happy as she'll go to the lake today. She chose to wear this great summer shirt with ruffles and flower print and her light bloomers. Just put on the summer hat and rubber sandals and let's go. Stop, don't forget the dummy. You never know!

Children can easily take off the clothes and put them back on again. Aquinis offer lots of bathing fun. With its soft, bead-filled fabric body Cosy Aquini is both a cuddly playmate and bath doll at the same time. Her special filling keeps her afloat and after bath time and she air-dries in a jiffy.

Set includes:

  • Cosy Aquini (ca. 300 g)
  • 2-piece summer outfit
  • rubber sandals
  • hat
  • dummy

Gotz Dolls Cosy Aquini Stripe Vibes

SKU: 2116066