Minibot is the world’s hardest-working chef. Every day he builds his very

own kitchen to whatever design takes his fancy – then cooks up a

delicious meal for his friends in his little oven. With 18 Magformers

magnetic shapes and 14 special accessories this is a fun creative

construction toy, also containing a cute robot chef figure. Each day this

busy bot designs a brand new kitchen layout using Magformers

magnetic construction squares and triangles plus chairs, a table, fridge,

oven with sliding drawer, windows and other fun accessories. And with

Minibot’s Kitchen Set making changes is always as easy as pie – you

just smash it down and start again – because with Magformers magnetic

construction it never takes long to build a new design. This 33-piece set

is compatible with any other Magformers set but is specifically designed

to combine with the three other sets in the 2019 miniworld series – Milo

the dog, Max the boy and Maggy the girl. And when joined together all

four sets make a series of mega mansions for the friends to live in and

play happily. Minibot just loves to entertain.

· Makes 26 different magnetic models.

· Contains 18 magnetic Magformers shapes, 14 accessories and a

robot chef character figurine.

· Kitchen-making accessories include a table, chairs, oven, fridge.

· Compatible with all other Magformers sets.

· Collect all four miniworld sets in the series to build mega

Magformers mansions.

· Creative and inspiring construction toy.

Magformers Minibot’s Kitchen Set

SKU: 705010