No glue, no screws and no clips but the stability of stone!

Invented by Dutchman Tom van der Bruggen in 1987, KAPLA® is a safe, educational wooden construction toy that can be enjoyed by Children aged 3 and up…and by adults!

Each KAPLA plank is identical and has a unique ratio discovered by Tom van der Bruggen that enables incredible creations to be constructed without the need for any fixings, yet to have the stability of stone.

Popular with Schools in the UK and throughout Europe, KAPLA® encourages logical thinking, stimulates creativity and helps to develop concentration, patience and perseverance. Plus, as a Child grows and develops, so can KAPLA®.

KAPLA® – a safe, creative wooden construction toy.


280 Kapla planks in a beautiful wooden storage box.

Includes a Kapla book with models to inspire you.

MA 280 Chest 

An excellent gift or birthday present

Kapla 280 Chest

SKU: MA 280